The Godfather Corleones Empire

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Players: 2 - 5

Ages: 14+

Play Time: 60 - 90min

Fight rival gangs to take over control of New York Cityƒ??s crime organisation.

In¶ÿThe Godfather: Corleoneƒ??s Empire, youƒ??re trying to earn enough money so that your organisation is in a position to take over control of the city if Don Corleone were ever to meet with an unfortunate accident. Plan your actions carefully, fight for control of your turf, and above all, trust no one, not even family. If youƒ??re able to be the richest mobster at the end of the fourth act, youƒ??ll become the new Don. Enjoy it while you can. Itƒ??s never long before a new young mobster will come gunning for you and you might end up facedown in the Hudson.