Dinosaur Island

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Players: 1 - 4

Ages: 10+

Play Time: 60 - 150min

Welcome to Dinosaur Island! the place where up to four players compete to build the most impressive and thrilling park around. A truly great park requires compiling the right DNA sequences in the lab, housing your dinos, and spiffing up the park with wacky rides and refreshments. But with the coolest, craziest, most dazzling parks comes a greater need for security! you want your guest to come to dinner at the park, not be it! dinosaur Island is a highly-immersive worker placement game by Jon Gilmour (Dead of winter) and Brian Lewis and the game play is almost as nail-biting as hiding from a Raptor. Add in the oodles of eye-popping art and the Island truly comes to life.

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